I came to Lisa after being “stuck in one gear” with my vocal technique for a  couple of years.  It had gotten to a place where I was very frustrated and Lisa really worked with me through all that. Lisa is the most technically savvy singing teacher I have ever worked with - seriously, she always has an ace up her sleeve for addressing technique issues. Her approach is very intuitive which made me feel very connected and catered for. What made a big difference for me was Lisa’s quality and ability to identify the subtleties in vocal technique that have a massive impact.  My voice took huge strides towards a more colorful, technically controlled and confident place. My vocal range opened up and I found the tone in which I feel comfortable singing in any genre.

Janina, Vocal Coach

Lisa  has been my vocal teacher for 2 years and she has taught me so much in such a short time. I did not know how to breathe properly while singing and I had a problem with pronunciation, but her explanation and exercises helped me to change it. She always found a way to solve every problem I had.  Lisa is a teacher with an excellent technique, not only in singing, but also in piano playing. She is knowledgeable, communicative, friendly,  kind, understanding, supportive, detail oriented, and made her class feel comfortable in speaking up. I loved coming for her lessons and I recommend these lessons to everybody.

Michaela Drozd Slapakova

During my time studying music in university, I had the pleasure of taking voice lessons from Lisa. So passionate, professional, and inspiring, she ignited my vocal capabilities to come out from under the surface. I developed better posture, breathing, intonation, and timing. She reflected the importance of vocal care and the dedication to practising. I now have greater confidence and understanding about my voice - my own voice - that has evolved with my music and performance.


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When I started receiving lessons from Lisa, I had already had previous vocal training. However, I had no confidence in my vocal ability until I started learning from Lisa. She helped me properly understand my vocal range, specifically teaching me to be able to transition comfortably from my chest voice to falsetto, as I had struggled with this before. Lisa helped me to sing in harmony and stick to it, and not accidentally drift into singing the main melody. This helped me massively for both recording and performing. She also helped my sight reading abilities, which enabled me to sing a melody from just reading the score. The pastoral care I also received from Lisa was like nothing I have ever had before. I couldn't rate her any higher as a vocal coach and overall teacher.

Leon Gosling

I've always loved singing. Not for you, not for them, just for me. Could I sing though? Yes...maybe...probably, no. Lockdown created the time for me to pursue one of my loose goals of signing up with a singing coach to hone my skills and to feel at ease with holding a melody, without relying on backing vocals as a guidance. Cue the maestro: Lisa. First and foremost, with her patient, relaxed and open approach, she helped me with confidence - to not feel awkward and uncomfortable with singing to another. After that, the magic happened. Lisa's process of guiding me to visualise, let go, be upside down, hoot and holler, helped me "learn how to loosen up, to maximise my potential, to break barriers, and extend my range without strain, and most importantly, to have fun whilst doing it. Pretty liberating, lemme tell you. Breath. Posture. Beat. I trusted the process. I learned that one has to first master the toolbox before creating the song. Lisa has been instrumental in facilitating my journey of voice. Six months later, singing freely and easily is so darn empowering and filters through into so many other facets of self. I couldn't have asked for a better master to help pave the way. I am forever grateful. Thank you, Lovely Lisa!


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