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Hello there 🎶🎶. . . 

I offer voice training in a variety of settings ranging from private 1 to 1 sessions to large group settings, with all ages, stages, styles of music, and reasons for studying welcome. 

I myself have had a wealth of training in the approaches/philosophies of traditional bel canto, Cornelius Reid and Functional Voice Technique, David Jones, and speech-level singing.  I have studied voice in the French, German, and Italian languages, and in turn have taught voice in French and German whilst living in Switzerland.  This multi-lingual experience in my own study has had a profound effect on the way that I have come to communicate with others when explaining and demonstrating in my lessons.

Having moved internationally a number of times, I am fortunate to have had a wealth of opportunity teaching voice and music in a variety of circumstances.  I have taught at the primary school level in Oman, at the high school level in Chicago/USA, and at the tertiary level in Scotland for Perth College UHI.  While based in Switzerland, I worked for ISBasel in Aesch in their primary extra-curricular program.  Throughout the span of these past 20 years, I have regularly taught private lessons and been frequently invited to work with groups/ensembles/choirs and on productions as a music advisor, vocal coach, or rehearsal accompanist.   My students have ranged from 3 to 93 with every age in between, presenting all types of levels, learning styles, and abilities.

As I am also a pianist, I am able to play alongside my voice students in both the learning and the performance environments, regardless of the style of music being learned.  While backing tracks have become commonplace (and sometimes very handy!), I do believe that live ensemble playing is an important part of building confidence and overall performance practice, as well as deepening the ability to communicate, connect with, and listen to each other as human beings. 


Other elements of development that I can provide in the learning sessions are:

- working with backing tracks

- graded exam preparation (ABRSM, Trinity, Rockschool, etc)

- singer-songwriter coaching

- playing (an instrument) and singing at the same time

- improvisation

- music theory, note reading, sight-singing, and ear training as desired

- personal creativity, expression, and goal-setting at your desired levels

- online or in-person lessons available in accordance with all necessary current health and safety measures


My current rates (in GBP) are:


for VOICE 

£20 – 30 minutes

£40 – 60 minutes

for PIANO 

£15 – 30 minutes

£30 – 60 minutes

For students attending a university course, please inquire about special "uni student" rates and time slots.


For more information or to book a lesson, please get in touch at or connect with me on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram and send a private message there.

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